Ryan Houston
Co. Fermanagh

The Irish Game Fair - Shanes Castle
25th & 26th June 2022

Join Ryan Houston  aT  THE ANTRIM FLY FAIR


I started tying flies in 1985 when I was 7 and caught my first two trout on flies I tied myself, on the River Lagan in Northern Ireland. I haven’t looked back, I would only buy a fly to see how to tie it myself, and sometimes I took them apart. I had been taught how to attach the tying silk to the hook but since then everything else is self taught.

I have fished for Ireland a couple of times and won multiple fly tying competitions across the world, these days I am busy setting up a Youtube fly tying channel, I figured I tie a lot of different flies I might as well video it and maybe it will help some people out.

Email: robertryan_houston@yahoo.co.uk

    Ryan Houston Fly Dressing at The Irish Fly Fair 2017

    Ryan Houston Fishing

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The Antrim Fly Fair 2022

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